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Who won the poetry contest?

For this blog’s recent poetry contest, I received only three entries, but they are all stellar! Each deserves a prize.

I have chosen chasingintrospection’s poem (and it doesn’t even rhyme!) as the first place winner. If you have a U.S. mailing address, the choice is a paperback or ebook of 3 Things to Forget. The other two contestants win the ebook.

All contestants, please go to my website,, then to the tab “About Me” in the menu, and then to the “Contact” form.

Chasingintrospection, please send me a U.S. mailing address or a Kindle address. Other contestants, if you have a Kindle address, send that to me and follow my instructions. If you don’t have a Kindle address, let me know.

Congratulations, everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed your poetry and hope you will continue to write!knighting-63001_1280

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Calling All Poets! Teach Fiction Writers a Thing or Two


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If you’ve followed this blog a while, you know I have great love and respect for poetry. To improve my fiction, I remind myself to tap into poetic description, and I encourage other prose writers to do the same.

In case you aren’t aware of it, April is National Poetry Month, and I’d like to honor all you poets out there.

Poets who write for their eyes only, to release their emotions and comfort themselves.

Poets who write to soothe or inspire readers like me.

Poets who address difficult subjects in a lovely way.

Poets who condense the world into a digestible, single-sitting format.

Poets who create verses and stanzas more memorable than prose.

Poets who write greeting cards.

Poets who write song lyrics.

Did I forget anyone?

If you are a poet, thank you.

If you are a classroom teacher, librarian, or bookstore owner, you can request (free) this year’s beautifully designed poster from the Academy of American Poets.

Let’s remind people we know–even those who claim to hate poetry–how it enriches our lives. Find your favorite poem and share it this month with someone you care about.

As a poet, what would you like to share with a prose writer? As a prose writer, what would you like to know about writing or appreciating poetry?




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