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Celebrate Your Success and Enter to Win an E-book

on February 24, 2016

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In the early months of the new year, good things have happened to me as an author.

The second book of the Bird Face series, 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status, is a semi-finalist in a book contest and a finalist in another. A Florida book fair company has acquired copies of both books of the series to sell to schools. I have sorted out some of the problems with my third manuscript and gotten back to writing it.

And I’m celebrating!

Don’t you think the small steps accomplished on any entrepreneurial journey should be celebrated? If you do, I invite you to celebrate yours–with me.

To expand the positive atmosphere I’m breathing, I’m offering a chance for a commenter on this blog post to win an electronic copy of either 8 Notes to a Nobody or 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status.


All you need to do to enter for a chance to win:

  1. Share in the comments about an accomplishment in your particular endeavor (writing or other) that you celebrated or want to celebrate, and how (in a wholesome way–remember that young teens also read this blog).
  2. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter at

The names of all approved commenters who subscribe to the newsletter will be placed in a hat, and a winning name will be drawn. The prize will be a mobi file of your choice of either of my books, to be read on a Kindle or other device where you have a Kindle app.

After the end of March, I’ll notify the winner at the email address used to subscribe to the newsletter.

So, how about your entrepreneurial successes–in writing (prose, poetry, fiction, nonfiction) or an  altogether different endeavor? Was your poem or short story accepted for publication? Did you open a new online business? Sell your first painting? I’d love to hear about it.

Let’s celebrate those successes together!





10 responses to “Celebrate Your Success and Enter to Win an E-book

  1. Debra says:

    Cynthia, congratulations on your wins. Though it can appear self-serving, stopping to celebrate one’s accomplishments is important. And celebrating with others makes it even better.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Debra, and congratulations to you as well! Celebrating when we accomplish small things on the way to our larger goals is like looking at the glass half-full rather than half-empty, I believe.


  2. Benita J. Prins says:

    My first comment made personally to me by a reader compared my fantasy novel to Lord of the Rings. That was one of my writer’s dreams! I celebrated by immediately showing my family and getting very, very excited. 🙂


    • Don’t you love that? I would’ve been excited too! Remember to go back to that review/comparison for invigoration when you need it. BTW, I love your name, Benita. I chose it for the MC of a short story I’ve played around with.

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  3. What a neat blog, Cynthia! This year, my uppler middle grade/YA debut, Just Claire, finally published by small press Clean Reads publishing. This was a two decade work-in-progress, close to my heart story, and I’m very grateful.


    • Hi, Jean Ann! Thanks for visiting, and I’m glad you like the blog. I’ve been waiting for someone to beat my record of one decade that my first book was in progress, LOL. I’m so happy for you about your first release! There’s no other feeling like it, right? No matter how long it takes. Never give up, I always say, especially to unpublished writers.


  4. If you read 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status and enjoy it, please VOTE in CSPA #BookAward in the Young Adults category. It’s EASY. Copy this link in your browser to go straight to the voting page. **Deadline is March 31. Thanks so much.


  5. Bethanie says:

    Cynthia, thanks for the opportunity to celebrate with you. I’m celebrating my new website,, and I just received a copy of the Secret Place/Spring issue with my devotional, “Who’s in Control?” on page 59. Lastly, I’m ready to seek representation on my YA Christian novel. Looking forward to seeing the rave reviews on your third book!


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