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My first radio interview aired!

on December 10, 2014

Yesterday, I was thrilled to be hosted on Express Yourself Teen Radio out of California. It is described as the #1 top-rated YA radio program in the world and is a part of the Voice America Kids Network.

I blogged about how I prepared for the recording in a recent post, 6 Tips for a Successful Radio Interview via Skype.

girl.headphones  Express Yourself Teen Radio reaches teens all over the globe! My teen hosts, Henna Hundal and Asia Gonzales, were impressive and loads of fun.

The program’s topic was the Importance of Learning Life Skills. We talked about how Bird Face and its main character, Wendy, help demonstrate that and how writers encounter the need for specific life skills. Henna provides an excellent introduction of the topic and then the interview begins.

Take a listen and let me know what you think! Episode: Importance of Life Skills


7 responses to “My first radio interview aired!

  1. Beth Steury says:

    Loved hearing your voice! You sounded very confident and enthusiastic. The girls interviewing you were awesome. You also sounded like you were having fun during the interview! 🙂


  2. AJ Cattapan says:

    Great job, Cynthia! I thought you sounded wonderful, and I was very impressed with the teen interviewers. They put on a very professional show!


    • Thanks, AJ! My interviewers made me comfortable. Because I laughed so much, I was afraid I’d sound silly but was relieved that I just sounded upbeat. It’s fun to hear your online friends for the first time, isn’t it? Sometimes they sound like you think they would and sometimes not. It would love to hear your voice too!


  3. Thank you, Beth! I’m still getting used to what I sound like to other people. I enjoyed doing the interview and appreciated the warmth and professionalism of my young hosts!


  4. The show was very professionally done. Great to hear your voice, Cyn!


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