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Favorite Words

on July 13, 2014

CrossedWords  We all have them. Words we combine with more ordinary ones to make our vocabulary unique to us.

Sometimes we pick up a word we hear from a family member or friend or a TV or radio personality. We like something about it. Could be the funny way it sounds or a memory it evokes. Maybe we learned it the hard way while doing a crossword puzzle. But we never forget it.

My favorite words are some I like the look of on a printed page. Behemoth and cacophony are two of them. I used them in Bird Face and thought they were just right for the scenes in which they appeared. In a few syllables, they describe what would otherwise have taken a phrase or entire sentence. So they’re efficient too.

Another author and critique partner of mine, Lisa, has me wanting to use a word I’ve noticed a couple of times in her writing: soporific. The opportunity may come along soon because I think Wendy would use it to describe mathematics.

Sometimes a word becomes so popular I grow tired of it. That happened with “salient.” Over a decade ago, it showed up everywhere. Then the fad died, so now I like it again.

What is a favorite word of yours and why do you like it? Do you have to make an effort to use it in writing or conversation, or does its use come naturally?




8 responses to “Favorite Words

  1. Obsequious – I discovered that word the first time I read The Robe and fell in love with it. Not too many opportunities to use it in daily conversation, sadly. 😉

    There’s a game about obscure words – Balderdash. My family used to play that game obsessively and we learned several words we added to our daily vocabulary. You wouldn’t think “Curpin” – a bird’s behind – would get used very often but you’d be surprised! In fact, years ago we had a bottom-heavy beanie-baby duck that we named Curby the Curpin and I wrote actual stories about him to the delight of my siblings. 😉 Also, “marlock” – to romp – we love that word.

    My husband likes to tease me for several of the expressions I use. “It occurred to me” is one that I apparently use almost daily and it cracks him up. Also, “as the crow flies” – he didn’t believe me that it’s a common expression. Must be a southern thing, I guess. I used to say “know what I mean” but once it was pointed out to me, I became very aware of it and felt like I was in an Ernest movie and should be tacking “Vern” on the end. So I rarely say it anymore.


  2. Wait! Did you just call my writing soporific? LOL

    I like cacophony too. Sibilant. Corpulent. Egregious. I just really, really love words.


  3. I like eclectic. As in I have decorated my home in an eclectic fashion – a nice way of saying nothing matches but I like it!

    However, I love to roll certain Spanish words over my tongue. My favorite is mariposa (butterfly), and because I’m so enthusiastic over the word, every one of my students in grades 1-8 knows that word! The other one is izquierda (left). Turns out many of my middle school students love saying that word too.


    • I thought I’d heard of Mariposa before, which a great-sounding word. It’s a city and county in California. “Butterfly,” California! How neat! I just thought of a good school project–have kids look up the foreign names of cities or counties to find their meanings.


    • lol – I hadn’t heard of the city in Cali but now I know that the Barbie butterfly fairy was aptly named. 😉


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