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Bash and the Pirate Pig

on October 30, 2013

Bash PiratePigThe delightfully illustrated cover is enough to entice you to pick up the book.

Then there’s this great opening line:  “For stupid reasons that weren’t my fault, I was tried, convicted, and sentenced to a summer with my wacko cousin Bash on the Farm of Doom.”

Burton W. Cole’s middle-grade novel shows children the great big beautiful playground God has created for them outdoors, containing cousins, weird friends, and other living creatures. Through Bash and his “farmin’ and fishin’” book, Raymond (aka Beamer) builds, explores, and learns to care about much more than himself.

Both boys and girls ages 8 to 11 can relate to the characters and enjoy the fun of their antics. And as an adult, I was reminded that kids often labeled “mischievous” are merely adventurous. There’s goodness in those pranksters and stunt performers.

This is a book the whole family can appreciate, and it may nudge the kids out of their virtual worlds and into the real one. Find it on Amazon and in Christian bookstores, as well as in others.

Please take a look at what author Leigh DeLozier has to say about Bash and the Pirate Pig at Writing Stars.

2 responses to “Bash and the Pirate Pig

  1. Thanks, Cyn! Your creativity and comments helped mold Bash, Beamer and the pig before ithey made it to the shelves. So glad for your endorsement of the final product. It was so much fun to write.


  2. Burt, thanks for poking your head in! It will be apparent to anyone who reads this book how much fun you had writing it! And I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated becoming acquainted with the manuscript before its publication.


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