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When It’s Right (You Know It)

on April 16, 2012

Who hasn’t read a book and connected with a character like she is your long-lost twin, or at least a new best friend? The first few words of dialogue spoken or the first action taken–and you know. You feel comfortable. This is going to be a book you will actually finish, without skimming through paragraphs or pages to get to “the good stuff.” From the first chapter, the book connects you to the protagonist and her story world.

Likewise, the writer recognizes when the world he has created and the characters he has placed within it are right. He experiences that wonderful moment of “Yes! That’s it.” After revising a sentence or paragraph or page until his eyes bulge and fingers ache, it finally makes sense. It is real. The writer’s words and the story world harmonize into the perfect relationship.

I believe I have found the publishing relationship that is right for me. I feel comfortable being in my publisher’s world and having her in mine, as well as in Wendy’s story world of BIRD FACE.

After years of working and wondering if the right connection would be made–and when–Yes! I know it has been. And it’s all good stuff.

Just as I’ve placed myself in Wendy’s skin so many times to develop her character into someone who could be your best friend, it’s her turn to wear mine now. And she’s jumping up and down for joy.


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