Bird Face Wendy

Things relevant to reading, writing, publishing or marketing teen fiction.

Why “Bird Face Wendy”?

This blog is all about my contemporary young adult novel for ages 10 to 14 and its protagonist, Wendy. BIRD FACE is the working title, at least until after I have found my wonderful agent and the right publisher. (I know you’re out there somewhere.)
I will blog about the manuscript itself and my progress toward its destination of publication. But more importantly, I will blog about Wendy–what she thinks, what she likes, what irks her or makes her laugh, and  how she copes with life.
You can participate in Wendy’s world and advise her by commenting on blogs with topics such as “How to Decorate Wendy’s Room” or  “What to Do When You Lose  in Sports.” In other words, you will become acquainted with Wendy–and who knows? You may find that she is a lot like you.

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